Riak is an open source distributed database built for fault tolerance, high availability and operational simplicity. Riak is masterless - each node in the cluster is the same. Riak distributes data evenly across the cluster and new nodes can be added with minimal reshuffling of data and no downtime. Riak replicates data and has several features to maintain availability in the event of node failure or partition. Riak stores data using a simple key/value scheme, has HTTP and protobufs APIs, and offers a number of supported client libraries. Riak is a community supported open source product. If you are interested in 24x7 support from Basho, please visit http://basho.com/products/riak-enterprise/ to learn more about our Riak Enterprise product and services. Documentation is available at http://docs.basho.com
Riak 1.2.1
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