Gitlab 4.2-0 (Ubuntu 12.10)


Gitlab powered by BitNami is a pre-configured, ready to run image for running Gitlab on Windows Azure. Gitlab is a self hosted Git management software. A fast, secure and stable solution based on Rails and Gitolite. For more information on the Gitlab 4.2-0 (Ubuntu 12.10) visit our website (, wiki ( and forums ( Default credentials are username: '' / password: 'bitnami'.
Image name Gitlab 4.2-0 (Ubuntu 12.10)
Publisher Bitnami
Platform ubuntu
Packages apache   git   gitlab   gitolite   mysql   redis   ruby 1.9.3+   ruby on rails   sqlite  
Tags bitnami   gitlab   version control  
Region(s) West US; East US; East Asia; Southeast Asia; North Europe; West Europe; Japan East; Japan West
Uploaded date 3/15/2013 4:09:01 PM UTC

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